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Company Artlife - one of the leading companies in the dietary supplement market in Russia. The existence of domestic production, raw materials and a strong technological base enables the company for over 12 years to create products based on its own innovation, in accordance with the

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Artlife Company has numerous patents for invention in the field of manufacturing technique and a large number of certificates of degree and medals for participation in Russian and international exhibitions. The whole of Artlife production is created in accordance with the top quality

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Problem : Pain radiating in right leg from back, fluctuating High B.P, Osteoporosis, Joint Pain, Breathlessness while walking Product use : Sorbiogel, Sedagel, Cardiogel, Jointgel,..

Nirmal Jain

Problem : Gastric, Pain in knees, Swelling in body, Palpitation, Disturb menstrual cycle. Product use : Sorbiogel, Artemizine, Hepar Formula, Joint Flex, Kissel Berry, Complex of Enzymes,..


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Diploma in Unani Medicine,